Previously, I rebuilt the inner rockers before I welded the floors to the body, way back when I first began this project. At the time, I had bought replacement rockers, which turned out to be complete junk. I'm not sure what they were for, but they sure were not made as a direct fit for a Merc. I had to re-bend them to fit (barely) and they still were not right. I paid the big bucks for the "good" Green Mountain-Style rockers, and they are no comparison. I first started mocking them up by cutting off the old rockers that I attempted to originally use, then cut away all the rotted Merc metal to get the new ones in place. Follow along:
Here is a look at the rebuilt driver's side door post, before fitting the new rockers:
Here are side-by side comparisons of the $59.00 eBay Auctions and the $400 good rockers:
Like everything else, you get what you pay for. They need a little tweaking, but much better fitting than those other ones which will now make expensive patch panels. Here it is test fit to the front driver's side a pillar:
And, looking at the soon to be new door jamb/rocker area:
The rocker to fender gap will require the most work, but the fender is messed up in this area, so I can't blame the rocker as being 100% at fault:
Here is how the rocker mounts up to the A pillar looking down as if entering the car:
I got a nice even door gap at the bottom:
Last update 9/8/08

More to come when there is more to show!