I have been working away at the rear wheel wells, and have the passenger side tacked in at this point. I turned my attention to the driver's side, which will be a bit more complicated since the fuel filler tube will have to intersect the wheel well. Here's a pic of the stock filler opening.

Here is a shot of how the new fuel tank and filler opening relates to the body. I will have to fabricate a longer filler tube to reach the stock Merc opening, using the '88 Lincoln fuel filler door and inlet, grafted to the Merc body.

Before I trashed the Lincoln body, I cut this section of the quarter out, for future use. the future is now, as it fits the stock location really well.

Same part, but open. The filler neck I need to use as well as the stock gas cap are in this pic.

Since the new Lincoln filler door was so close to the dimensions of the stock '51 Merc fuel filler door, I added about 1/2 inch to the original opening, and cut out the old stuff...
ABOVE           After cutting out the original opening, I tacked in the new opening.
ABOVE           Same shot, with door closed.
ABOVE           Overall shot, to show how new filler looks in open position.
ABOVE           Overall shot, to show how new filler door looks. Remember, this is '88 Lincoln grafted to '51 Mercury...
ABOVE        Here is the filler, in the open position, with the stock Lincoln baffle/filler inlet installed. I think it looks pretty good.
ABOVE       Another shot from inside the trunk, showing where the filler needs to go in order to reach the tank...
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